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Client Testimonials

Leena has been hands-down the best investment I’ve made in my career, and has been my Leadership Coach for over 3 years. She was instrumental in helping me land what is truly my dream job, working with me on my resume, job search, and interview prep. I first reached out to Leena 3 years ago when, I received a promotion to run the technology team at my firm. As a mid-level manager, there were many challenges that were new to me, including managing a team, navigate different personalities, and put new processes in place. By helping me create stretch goals and holding me accountable. Leena and I built an action plan for success!

Keri T., New York, NY
Global Head of Trading Technology, Lazard Asset Management

Leena Roy's capacity for empathy is what creates a fertile ground for connection and insight. You feel like you are finally being heard, which allows the once buried words, feelings, and thoughts to usher forth, be explored, and make way for breakthrough. Leena is a talented coach, and I'm proud to say she was mine.

David O., New York, NY
Creative Director & Principal/Founder

Spotlight Review

10 ways to improve your health

While, there are many, many ways to improve your health, here are 10 to get started.

1. Be Accountable: Your health and well-being is your responsibility. You can not blame your general health on fast food restaurants, rainy days or a bad mood. Your choices, each and every one, determine how well you feel and how well you are. I recommend, writing the following on a post it note, or card and putting it on the mirror near your bathroom sink. “I am fully responsible for my own great health. My daily habits create my great health.”

2. Healthy Weight: You didn’t gain weight overnight and you […]

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